Kent Coast Sea Fishing Compendium

Dover Fishing Stations
West of Admiralty Pier
circa 1900

West Station ①: directly opposite small footbridge and having the western corners of the Trinity House Tower and Lord Warden Hotel in line West Station ②: off Shakespeare Cliff Point opposite the land slip and on a line with the western corner of the Lord Warden Hotel and centre of Trinity House Tower
West Station ③: midway between Shakespeare Cliff and the Coal Mine and having the Convict Station and Townsend Coastguard Station in line West Station ④: off the Coal Mine having the Channel Tunnel Landmark and entrance to railway tunnel in line; also the Cornhill Coastguard Station in line with the top of Shakespeare Cliff
West Station ⑤: between Coal Mine and Ledden Spout, directly opposite small cottage at foot of cliff and showing the Lord Warden Hotel just clear of the toe of Shakespeare Cliff West Station ⑥: opposite Ledden Spout Coastguard Station and on a line cutting the toe of Shakespeare Cliff and flagstaff on Lord Warden Hotel