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Archived articles relating to the closure of the Prince of Wales Pier, Admiralty Pier and Southern Breakwater
during the period 2013 to 2019.

REVEALED: Why the Prince of Wales Pier has not closed … yet

The Prince of Wales Pier may not close until the start of the new year, Dockside can reveal. The grade-II listed pier was originally earmarked to be shut down in September, but has remained open to "address technicalities". Port chiefs await a "green light" on listed building consent to remove protected furniture from the historic pier. Dover District Council will make their decision in November. Dockside understands if council leaders refuse, the issue will be dealt with in December, likely stalling the project until the New Year. A Port of Dover spokesman said:

"The project has full government approval and planning permission, but we've just spent a bit more time addressing some of the technicalities. Most notably the listed building consent relating to the pier. We want to ensure everyone is clear on our commitment to carefully remove, restore and re-use the heritage items as part of our development plans."

The port has no firm date to close the pier if the council grant listed building consent. Although a spokesman added that plenty of public notice would be given before closing the pier. This will give Dover Harbour Board the chance to make the Admiralty Pier more accessible. Changes to the Admiralty Pier will allow everyone, including disabled persons, to continue walking and fishing on the seafront, say port bosses. The spokesman added:

"We didn't think it would be right to shut the Prince of Wales Pier until these aspects had been addressed. Also with the rather good weather we've had in the past few weeks, we didn't want to prevent people from enjoying the pier a bit longer while we did this."

In an interview with Dockside, port chief executive Tim Waggott said:

"When the end of the Prince of Wales Pier is not used by cargo and freight ships we can facilitate escorted access to the rest of the pier. But with the Western Docks Revival project there will be a new marina, and more seafront access than before."

The Admiralty Pier, closed for repairs to damage inflicted by the St Jude Storm on 28th October 2013, has now reopened - click here for the latest news;

St Jude Storm, 28th October 2013: Closure of Admiralty Pier

A deep depression crossing the Atlantic brought hurricane force winds to much of the south coast with the strongest official gust recorded at 99 mph on the Isle of Wight. In Dover the winds started to build on Sunday 27th October with a force 9 gale and heavy seas. After a brief respite through the night the wind again built in strength and was gusting up to a force 12 by 5am on Monday 28th October - the worst storm to hit the UK in 25 years. The Port of Dover officially closed to all shipping at 6am on Monday, reopening 3½ hours later at 9:30am when the worst of the winds had passed.

The Eastern Docks ferry terminal faired relatively well during the storm with only minor damage reported to some metal cladding and some minor damage to pads and fenders on the berths. Unfortunately, the Western Docks did not fare so well due to heavy seas crashing over the Admiralty Pier resulting in some structural damage to the Pier itself and damage to some 70 passenger vehicles parked at the cruise terminal. The damage at the Admiralty Pier is mainly to ancillary items such as hand-rails, canopies and fencing to the high-level fisherman's walkway and turret areas. Several coping and edging stones have been dislodged to the inner quayside of the Pier extension but that appears to be the only structural damage. For safety reasons Admiralty Pier is closed to public access until further notice.

The last update issued by the Dover Harbour Board on 29th October 2013 reported that "currently a surveyor is at the Port assessing the damage". It is rumoured that, although Dover Harbour Board intends carrying out repairs to the shore end of the Admiralty Pier (probably as far as "The Turret" which is mid-way), the Board has no plans, at present, to repair the Pier Extension section of the Pier, and, pro tem, the entire Pier will remain closed sine die.

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: 27th November 2013

"Following the closure of the Admiralty Pier it has been decided to open Dover's Southern Breakwater for night fishing from 7pm to 7am Friday & Saturday nights. Also available Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday day sessions 8am to 3.30pm. All subject to weather conditions. For day sessions no booking required but for night fishing sessions please book in advance with Alan on 07538 810314. Minimum number required is 10 persons or, alternatively, 100 Breakwater fee and 60 return boat fare. This applies to night sessions only. No booking required for day sessions just turn up and go (weather permitting). It is also available on other days to organised groups etc - these to be booked in advance."

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: 20th February 2014

"Very good news as the Admiralty Pier is set to re-open from 8am Friday 21st February 2014. Only the first half will re-open at this stage but at least it is a step in the right direction. Dust off those rods and reels and get down there!"

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement (revised): 20th February 2014

"Very good news as the Admiralty Pier is now once more open to anglers at the advertised times. However, only the first half will be available at this stage but at least it is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately though due to damage to the inside railings, the Southern Breakwater has been closed until further notice."

4th May 2014: look out for the new entrance to the Admiralty Pier with the walkway tunnel closed for repairs.

Thursday, 30th October 2014: East Kent Mercury

Work on the Admiralty Pier is reaching a conclusion and, after repairs have been completed to the entrance area, it is scheduled to re-open to the public on or after Tuesday, 4th November 2014 (call 01304 240465 or 01304 225138 to confirm).

Saturday, 8th November 2014

The Admiralty Pier remains closed and the Dover Harbour Board is being tight-lipped regarding a date for its re-opening. Current "guestimates" are that the repair work to the Admiralty Pier (a) up to the "knuckle" (the Admiralty Pier gun turret) should be completed by the end of November 2014 and (b) beyond the "knuckle" in the early part of 2015. Call Bill (of Bill's Tackle - 01304 204542) for news of progress.

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: February 2015

The Admiralty Pier is currently closed due to refurbishment of the walkway and other areas damaged by the sea but there is a possibility the first half at least may open on Wednesday 18th February 2015.

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: 25th February 2015

To all anglers that awaited news about the re-opening of the Admiralty Pier at Dover, today the Club has had official word from the Harbour Board that all repairs to the walkway and first half have been completed and will be handed back over for the Club to resume operations.

Consequently from WEDNESDAY 4th MARCH 2015, the first half of the Admiralty Pier will open at 8am on a daily basis and close at 9pm with the exception of Friday and Saturday when it will remain open all night, i.e. as per previous arrangements.

Fishing is only available up to the Turret area at this point in time while repairs to the second half continue but half a pier is better than nothing.

Access to the Pier is via the usual route behind Lord Warden House. Get down there and enjoy finally!

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: 25th February 2015

Please be advised that due to increased security measures necessary while a Cruise Liner is docked, the DHB have advised it will be necessary to close the Admiralty Pier to all anglers and pedestrians on the following dates:

Friday 10th July 2015 - all day. Will re-open for the night session when given the all clear by the Harbour Board.

Wednesday 22nd July 2015 - all day. Will not re-open for the evening session.

Monday 3rd August 2015 - all day. Will not re-open for the evening session.

Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: 28th June 2015

Good News - the Admiralty Pier is now fully open to anglers along its entire length.

Repairs to the walkway have now been completed and anglers can now fish the entire length of the Admiralty Pier with the usual conditions applying to when cruise liners are berthed on the second half.

Mackerel are currently plentiful and several large bass have already been landed by those targeting something more challenging. For those bottom fishing, smooth-hounds are also plentiful and offer excellent sport.

It has been a long time coming but the Admiralty is once again the hot ticket in Kent at this time of year. Get yourself down there and enjoy a great day's fishing.

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Dover Sea Angling Association announcement: 21st September 2015

The Admiralty Pier is now available to book for all night sessions from Sunday to Thursday. The cost is 200 for exclusive use of the entire Pier for as many anglers as you want from 9pm until 6am. Bookings can be made by calling 01304 204542. A deposit is required to confirm a booking. Clubs and individuals are welcome to book.

In his September 2015 blog, Alan Yates reports as follows:

"Staying with piers the next casualty is another Kent pier, the Prince of Wales pier at Dover which will close for a major port development and may not return going on Dover Harbour Board's record of public access. The Prince of Wales pier is the only pier in the South that allows disabled anglers car access to fish the sea wall. Dover's Admiralty pier has reopened but there trolleys are barred because of the narrow walkway and so the less able angler has restricted access. Meanwhile Dover breakwater remains closed and it looks like that is it for the venue with the Dover Harbour Board having no intention of ever allowing anglers back!!!!!"

On 21st February 2014 the Southern Breakwater closed for an indefinite period pending the completion of repairs to damage to "quay edge protection" inflicted by the St Jude Storm on 28th October 2013 - click here for the latest news

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